A Story of no romance

A story of no romance

Lauren was a prolific but discrete romance writer. Her life was simple and predictable. She locked herself in her house and wrote. She just allowed very few people to get close to her.
People called her grumpy and a hermit, but after what happened to her, she wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt her as her ex-fiancé did, and the best way to be sure of it was to have her wall high; she didn’t need any more problems. She had Mr. Darcy, her cat, her siblings, and her romantic books.
She had everything under control… until one event changed her plans.
Amy, her little sister, announced she would get married, and as if that was bad enough, Amy named her the maid of honor.
From there, everything went to hell. Lauren’s mom started to push her. Lyn, Amy’s best friend, hated her because Amy didn’t choose her as maid of honor. And the cherry on top: She met Axel, the ray of sunshine that blew her mind so much that she thought having crazy sex at her sister’s wedding party was a great idea.
Axel, the best man and the groom’s best friend, wasn’t fond of weddings. In fact, he hated them, but on the day of the rehearsal, he decided it wouldn’t be that bad after meeting the grumpy maid of honor.
But weddings always jinx everything, and this wasn’t an exception; on the night of the wedding, Axel found two things about the grumpy redhead: he was crazy about her, and she was the writer responsible for his wife abandoning him.
When Axel thought being the best man would be hell, the redhead leveled it up. Now, he needed answers; he had to talk to her. He needed to know why she wrote that nonsense, and he wouldn’t rest until she answered him.
This is not an enemy-to-lovers story; this is a lover-to-enemies to a no romance story.

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A Scot in springtime

After a disastrous break-up, Emma goes to Scotland, the land of her father, to heal her wounds. His memory brings to mind both happy and unhappy times. The streets of Edinburgh, that welcome spring and say goodbye to the cold winter, retain a look as grey as Emma’s soul.

The name of a pub calls her attention and she decides to go in to get rid of the memory of her ex the same way one gets rid of infections, with alcohol. That’s how he meets Iwan, a proud Highlander with wild hair and tender blue eyes.

Iwan entered the pub after another day at work. Almost immediately a blonde woman got his attention, not only for her beauty but also because of the sadness in her eyes. He had to do something. A woman so beautiful should not be sad, and nothing better to heal wounds than a trip to the Highlands.

Emma and Iwan will go on a journey where they’ll discover love: love for their land, for their family, and for their travelling companion.

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